Confira todo o processo da InterFarma

InterFarma works to assist all Brazilians and residents in the import of medicines, without registration before ANVISA or that are missing in the national market.


The prescription is a medical act, and only one can prescribe and guide the conduct to the patient who seeks it, each patient receives from his doctor the most appropriate conduct for his specific case.


We verified the availability of medicines with our suppliers, qualified and located in several countries enabling the best cost benefit and shorter time of shipment and delivery in Brazil.


Budget approval and patient documents available. Sent through the postoffice, via digital , e-mail, etc. All data are treated within the legal rigors in order to protect the privacy of the patient or family

Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee the delivery of the medicine to the patient, hospitals and clinics wherever one is.Following all protocols of hygiene, temperature, storage and transport, in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the product.Delivery in certified packages that ensure the integrity at final destination.


All imported products related to health need to be supervised by the responsible agencies, such as ANVISA and the Internal Revenue Service. After inspection , they provide all documents of approval in each sector, ensuring that the products have passed through the regulatory bodies.


After our authorization to the supplier for shipment, the product will be certified with origin, temperature control throughout the transit and documents for cargo monitoring.

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