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Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals, under prescription, can import virtually all types of medicines, except those contained in Ordinance ANVISA 344 (Controlled with prescription retention). Resolution of the Collegiate Board No. 81, of ANVISA, allows the importation of medicines, including those not registered in Brazil, for personal consumption and with medical prescription, for any person resident in Brazil.

Every individual can import medications for his or her own treatment, or from his or her dependents.

Imports under $10,000 are tax-exempt.

No. There is a restriction regarding controlled medications (Retained Prescription), therefore, the individual (patient) can import drugs registered or not in ANVISA, under medical prescription, for use and consumption. For other cases (Health Plans, Health Departments, Hospitals) please contact us directly.

Prescription, valid and written in Portuguese containing:


Patient’s name and full address;

Trade name and/or the active ingredient of the medicinal product;

Quantity for acquisition;


Date (the recipe is valid for 180 days);

Stamp (with readable name), signature and CRM;


– Simple copy of the patient’s id (or birth certificate)

– Simple copy of the patient’s CPF document;

– Simple copy of the identity documents and CPF of the responsible person, if not the patient himself;

Documentos of INTEFARMA  and Power of Attorney.



Documents can be sent by e-mail in conference,   but we need the original routes of medical prescription, medical report and a specific power of attorney that we will send after the budget is approved

Interfarma does everything for you. After submission of documents and advance  payment,we take care of the entire process until the delivery of the medicine where it is necessary.

The whole process is done on behalf of the patient (individual), except for public agencies and/or hospital institutions,which may import in their own name.

The medicineswe  work on mostly originate from laboratories located in Europe and the United States. 

The medicines are transported by international logistics operators by air transport.

The medicines are packaged as needed. There are medicines that are necessary packaging to maintain the temperature. We use the right packaging to safeguard the quality and effectiveness of the products.

Every medicine that requires refrigeration is transported with certified packaging that keeps the medicine within the appropriate temperature range throughout the journey. In addition, they are accompanied by a temperature monitor that proves that the load has been at the appropriate temperature throughout the trip.

The drug can be removed at our home office, located in São Paulo. If necessary, one of our carriers or one of our partner companies can deliver the medicine at the place indicated by the customer.

Payment is made through bank transfer, accordingto the information in our budget.

Interfarma keeps  you informed  from the time of shipment to the time of delivery of the medicine.

The process of direct import to the patient can vary around 7-20 days, from the submission of the necessary documentation. The deadline is based on the availability of the supplier for the medication and flights available to Brazil

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